"Love people, not things. Use things, not people."
President Spencer W. Kimball

"With an ounce of obedience comes a bushel of blessings."
Elder Neal A. Maxwell

"It is easier to keep up than to catch up, but it is better to catch up than to give up." JJO

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life is good!

It's embarrassing how long it's been since I last posted. I guess it hasn't been a priority for me. I do enjoy reading others posts.

It's interesting to me how sometimes I can see all the beauty around me and feel so grateful and other times I'm so focused on concerns that I miss so much. I want to remember more and focus on my blessings and the beauties & bounties Heavenly Father has so generously given me. I love the story in the Bible about when Jesus & Peter walked on water. I feel like I can relate to Peter. He initially had the faith to ask Jesus if he could come to him on the water, but when he was distracted by the winds and waves, he feared and started to sink. When he cried out for help, Jesus immediately reached out to help him. Oh how I wish I could always remember and focus on Jesus and not get distracted and be unfaithful. Life is truly great even though there are really hard things to try us and test us. I know I can always trust Jesus to help me.

I just finished reading a great book called "It's good to be alive". It is the observances of a man (a friend of my uncle) who had a serious accident when he was 50 that left him a quadriplegic on life support. He has lived in a wheelchair for 20+ years. He has an amazing attitude and has learned some great lessons. I want to always live in thanksgiving, with good cheer and faith, hope and trust in my Savior, Jesus Christ. I thank my Heavenly Father for this mortal experience, for my knowledge of His loving plan, and for family and friends to help me along life's journey!